Environmental Blessing or Curse: Emission Effects of the Belt and Road Energy Infrastructure projects in Africa

2021-05-24 CEP Funded Projects

With the lowest industrialization level in the world, Africa has been facing severe energy limitations. Recently, the belt and road initiative, the most prominent global development program, attempts to tackle these issues by providing efficient energy infrastructure to the recipient countries. However, the BRI's reliance on non-renewable energy sources, such as coal, arouses widespread concern related to pollution. Utilizing novel micro-level BRI related power plant project and pollution data from 2000, the project will be among the first to empirically examine whether the BRI offers emission-efficient energy option to Africa. The result of the project will offer important policy implications to international development policy design with a focus on energy infrastructure.

Jin Wang
Associate Professor, Division of Social Science
Jin Wang is an associate professor of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and…
Yatang Lin
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Division of Public Policy and Division of Social Science
Yatang Lin received her Ph.D. in Economics from London School of Economics in 2017 and joined HKUST…

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