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The mission of the Center for Economic Policy (CEP) is to improve the effectiveness of economic policies and programs by providing high quality research insights. To realize this objective, the Center supports efforts by university researchers to conduct policy-relevant research, engage in dialogue with relevant stakeholders interested in gaining a deeper understanding of economic policy issues (i.e., government officials, policy researchers, non-profit organizations, private sector), disseminate policy-relevant research findings to be more impactful, and teach students or practitioners how to analyze economic policies and programs.

Albert Francis Park
Albert Francis Park

Message from Director


Welcome to the Center for Economic Policy!  Launched in 2021, the Center aspires to become a leading source of insights into economic policy challenges in Asia and globally.  The Center serves as platform through which HKUST researchers can engage in public discussions with all interested parties about today’s most important economic policy issues. The Center has over 25 Research Affiliates from different departments across the university.  Currently, the Center supports two research programs. One is the Antitrust and Competition Policy Program, focusing on the study of interactions of business strategies and market competition, as well as the impact of laws and regulations on competition, business strategies, and the general economy. The other is the Development Economics Action Research (DEAR) Program, which focuses on rigorous evaluation of policy interventions in developing countries. The DEAR Program seeks to become the leading center for such evaluation research in Asia. In addition to these programs, the Center’s Research Affiliates also conduct research on other key policy-relevant topics including COVID-19, globalization, the future of work, macroeconomic policy, and the Chinese economy, all of which are featured on the Center’s website and social media channels. We invite all who are interested in today’s key economic policy challenges to participate in the activities of the Center and learn more about the Center’s research insights.


Advisory Board

K. C. Chan, GBS, JP

Member, Competition Commission, Hong Kong
Adjunct Professor and Senior Advisor to the Dean, HKUST Business School

Dilip Mookherjee

Professor of Economics, Boston University
CAS Director, Institute for Economic Development


Donald Low

Professor of Practice in Public Policy, Division of Public Policy, HKUST
Director, HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies

Kar Yan Tam

Dean, HKUST Business School
Chair Professor of Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management


Ping Lin

Chair Professor, Faculty of Economics, Shandong University
Director of Centre for Competition Policy Research, Shandong University
Director of Centre for Competition Policy and Regulation, Lingnan University

Yasuyuki Sawada

Chief Economist and Director General, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Professor, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo


Executive Committee

Albert Francis Park

Director, Center for Economic Policy
Head and Chair Professor, Department of Economics
Chair Professor, Division of Social Science
Professor, Division of Public Policy

Special Advisor to the Director of HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies

Siu Fai Leung

Associate Director, Center for Economic Policy
Professor, Department of Economics


Sujata Visaria

Associate Director, Center for Economic Policy
Associate Director, HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies
Associate Professor, Department of Economics


Naubahar Sharif

Acting Head and Professor, Division of Public Policy


Jin Wang

Associate Professor, Division of Social Science

Alminas Žaldokas

Associate Professor, Department of Finance



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