Logo Design Competition Result


The Center is happy to showcase the winning designs. Congratulations to all winners!

Winner - LI Calvin

News_Logo_Competition_LI Calvin

Design Concept:

The Center for Economic Policy (CEP) strives to improve the effectiveness of economic policies and programs by providing high-quality research insights. The solution for the concept is to include the 3 main ideas of CEP in the logo, which are the letters CEP, Research, and Dialogue. First, the 3 letters CEP has been abstractly combined within the logo. Second, a book that is shown by rotating the logo represents the determination to improve the economic policies and the high-quality research done by the university researchers. Third, the chatbox shape of the logo symbolizes the dialogue between researchers and other relevant stakeholders interested in gaining a deeper understanding of economic policy issues. To echo with the mission of CEP, blue colors are selected to describe a professional and wise image of the center to the public. Using a gradient to connect the two blue colors symbolizes the sustainability of the center and continues to pass on the knowledge from one generation to another by disseminating policy-relevant research findings to the public. Considering the impact that will bring by the center, Nexa bold typeface was selected. The typeface successfully describes the professionalism and solemn of the center. This logo design describes the main idea and mission of the Center for Economic Policy by using abstraction, movement, symbolism, and gradient.


Runner up - TSUI Ka Wing


Design Concept:

The big circle frame and the dot forms a magnifying glass which symbolizes the mission of the Center for Economic Policy: to conduct policy relevant research and analyze policies. It can also be viewed as a text bubble, which symbolizes the center’s willingness to speak with relevant stakeholders to gain a more comprehensive, deep understanding on economic policies. The illustration inside the big circle frame, with a chart data pointing upwards, implies the goal of the center to improve the effectiveness of policies. The abbreviation of the Center for Economic Policy (CEP) is also integrated in the logo. The main color used in the logo design is bluish green, as green color is associated with money and the color gives a sense of trust. The yellow dot symbolizes that the center can give bright ideas and inspirations for economic policies.


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